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Gardener's House of Prayer...

...Is a supportive community offering competent spiritual direction, studies on prayer and spiritual growth, and psycho-spiritual therapy. It is a ministry that is compassionate and welcoming and focuses on the needs of the individual Christian. The full participation and collaboration of both laity and clergy are embraced.

People of Pilgrimage: The Liberated Heart—Becomin Who We Truly Are

Sixth Annual Contemplative Retreat
Sunday - Thursday, March 1 - 5, 2015, Oblate School of Theology, San Antonio, TX

Fifth Annual Contemplative Retreat

RetreatThis retreat is based on Joyce Rupp’s book: Open the Door: A Journey to the True Self. Thomas Merton writes that when we find our true self we find God and when we find God we find our true self. This “finding” is a life-long process of gradual transformation which leads to greater compassion and a stronger connection with the world beyond self. We are each called to be in this process of personal growth, to discover and claim more of our inner goodness. Becoming our true self involves numerous challenges. We can get caught in busyness and non-awareness and become lost in the ego’s longing to have complete control. When we seek to be spiritually liberated we often meet up with our weaknesses and unexpected difficulties on the road. In befriending these barriers and bumps our heart becomes ever more liberated and authentic. During this retreat, Joyce Rupp will invite participants to enter the inner terrain of their lives. She will provide both theory and practical suggestions from a variety of spiritual traditions in order to explore the process of becoming a more liberated and whole human being.

Featuring Sr. Joyce Rupp, OSM. Brochure with details and registration form: PDF in a new window >>

Spiritual Integrative Growth and Spiritual Direction

Each Available on an Ongoing Basis with our Spiritual Director

Designed for the Individual by Our Member of Spiritual Directors International

Spiritual Integrative Growth provides spiritual practices and exercises that help heal physical, emotional and spiritual concerns. For more information, visit our Spirtual Integrative Growth page.

SDI logoSpiritual direction is the process of accompanying people on a spiritual journey. For more information about spiritual direction, visit the Spiritual Directors International website.

For more information about your journey, contact Suzanne Broussard at 830.832.3714 or suzanne@gardenershouseofprayer.org

Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life

Spiritual Exercises in everyday life help in growing in greater knowledge of every way of preparing and disposing one’s soul toward God and ridding oneself of disordered attachments so as to be liberated in faith. Spiritual Exercises help in becoming more fully human in God, in Christ and in power while simultaneously deepening our ability to be an apostolate instrument of God’s power in and through Christ Jesus for all. This formation helps to better understand and experience what true and pure spirit is as well as deepen the ability to share acts of hospitality and blessings of wholeness and fullness of life. Spiritual exercises help grow in the depths of God’s faithfulness keeping the channels of the heart open while not causing harm to the soul.

This ministry shares practices handed down through the early church and still used today to provide the dynamics of awakening to our true identity, vocation, mission and name of grace. These practices help in understanding, objectifying, and articulating one’s own living faith, hope, and lov, and enabling persons to discern and respond to the motions of grace from God and to discern and incarnate their consolations in daily life.

Growth in the spiritual life is recognized by a softening of heart, increase in compassion, an increase in self-knowledge, as well as a greater acceptance of self and docility with God.

Participants in the Spiritual Exercises meet weekly for one hour with the spiritual director.

For additional information on Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life visit Ignatian Spirituality.com or contact Suzanne Broussard at 830.832.3714 or suzanne@gardenershouseofprayer.org

Suzanne Broussard, SDI Member - Spiritual Direction, Adult Formation